Pushing for better

There comes a time when one has to stop being sentimental and start treating his day job as just this: his day job. It may be quite hard to do, especially when you’ve grown that much in your job but when circumstances change, people should change as well.

It’s now been a little more than a 3.5 year ride for me. The first 2.5 it was a very hard but at the same time a very enjoyable ride. Not that there weren’t bad or difficult moments but the nice ones were a lot more. And I really grew during that time. But the last year was a series of constant disappointments. From a career advancement perspective there was only a single really good moment, but this soon got clouded by two other bad ones, that made the original moment feel not really worth it (let alone other moments before it). And while this year I learned the hard way that things don’t really work out the way you like them and that you should be patient in such events and wait for the wheel to spin a little, there is only so much one can take.

Yesterday I decided to move the pieces. There is no point in continuing to perform a function that doesn’t fulfill you, so I’ve decided to make sure that changes. In addition, TINSTAFL so there is no point in feeling like you offer others a free lunch (or one at a significant discount) either. It remains to be seen how it will turn out …


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