Opensolaris workshop proposal

I decided to make an Opensolaris workshop for the upcoming developers conference. I still don’t know if it will get accepted or not and the contents are still open (not certain of how much time I’ll have on my hands). That said, a tentative agenda follows:

  1. Brief history (< 5′)
  2. Top reasons to use OpenSolaris (presentation)
  3. How-to-get, flavors
  4. Install (hands on)
  5. Packaging system, update
  6. Basic management tasks
  7. ZFS: hands-on practice. Hopefully online demo with 8-HDD system
  8. Zones (lightweight virtualization): introduction, hands-on manual installation, automated installation, cloning, advanced (IP-exclusive vs. shared, sparse vs. full root, partitioning and resource capping), branded zones (Solaris 8/9, Linux 2.4)
  9. XVM (paravirtualization, hardware-assisted virtualization): OpenSolaris and Xen
  10. Project crossbow and network virtualization
  11. DTrace: real time application debugging, from low level kernel issues to high level MVC applications (assuming I find a partner to help me out here)

How does that seem? Mike likes it but any feedback would be appreciated.


2 Responses to “Opensolaris workshop proposal”

  1. Michael Iatrou Says:

    Besides debugging, DTrace is also handy for system performance profiling. So my suggestion would be to either focus on it’s usage from the administrator’s perspective or just skip it, since DTrace needs a workshop by itself.

  2. Ilias Marinos Says:

    Sounds great 🙂 ! And yep dtrace is an awesome tool for a sysadmin. You could add it in your agenda. I’ll try to be there if it gets accepted :D.

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