Sony Satio: first impressions

Pleasant surprise of the morning: a brand new Sony Satio waiting for me in my desk.

Here it goes from a first impressions / unboxing perspective:

  • Shiny looks: probably something to do with the silver color
  • Spartan front: a huge screen covers almost the entire front of the phone, with just 3 long (but tiny in height) keys under it
  • Slick: Not iPhone slick but Sony has done an excellent job of making it feel quite slick, in spite of the 12MP camera it packs at the phone
  • Sturdy: the body feels quite solid

On the downside, I didn’t like the proprietary USB connector. Damn Sony, it’s almost 2010, don’t you think it’s time you allow us to use a standard mini-USB cable for charging and sync?

Now off to sync my current mobile phone with Outlook 🙂


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