Sony satio: epic sync fail (almost)

From a first impressions perspective, Sony satio didn’t dissapoint. That said the trend didn’t continue.

A phone should be foremost a phone. So instead of rubbing the GPS or trying to figure out if the Satio is an excellent music station like the rest of the W series I hooked up the USB cable, mounted it as a USB storage device, downloaded the Sony Ericsson software, installed it to my Vista workstation, restarted for good measure, removed the USB cable, hooked it up again, selected PC suite mode and …


I think I wasted something like 3 hours trying to get my Satio to sync its contacts with Outlook with little luck. It was a funny little experience:

  • Connecting the phone in USB storage mode was not only a success, but the PC Suite successfully detected the phone as connected in USB storage mode (and prompted me to reconnect in PC suite mode)
  • Connecting the phone with Bluetooth resulted in the PC suite successfully indicating the phone as connected and allowed me to setup an Internet connection through the phone

Still, syncing my contacts remained an impossible task. Syncing contacts over Bluetooth didn’t work and the USB PC Suite connection failed altogether. Using MyPhoneExplorer (suggested by @poetic_justice) was similarly disappointing, failing with similar symptoms: the phone was not recongnizable via USB, and while it did seem to work via Bluetooth (I was even able to see things like latest calls) contacts sync continued to fail. Restarting windows a couple of times for good measure didn’t help. Blaming my Vista laptop didnt’ help, since things failed similarly with my Vista and Windows 7 workstations at home. And thus I had ended up with a 500€ Symbian PDA that was of little use as a phone.

When all else fails, flash a firmware upgrade (slightly paraphrasing @gmavrikas)

Having nothing to lose I followed the above sound advice. The firmware upgrade worked like a charm, as with every other thing except the contacts sync. I then tried to sync again, not really expecting much and in a typical Christmas spirit I exclaimed:

Now I have a phone. HO-HO-HO

Still it had been a severely disappointing experience. Syncing your contacts to a new mobile phone should be a straightforward painless experience, not one that brings out such strong emotions [1][2][3][4][5][6][7] and definitely not one that required a firmware upgrade.

P.S. Thankfully I didn’t pay for the damn thing. But that is a different story.


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