On monty’s petition to save Mysql

I have grown so tired of reading about this that I decided a short blog post is in order.

Recently Dimitris, a good friend and close associate, posted to a popular Greek Open Source list a link to Monty’s plea for saving MySQL [1].

I was a little reluctant to answer at first, since it’s well known that I am a fan of everything under the Sun and could be accused of being biased [2]. That said, George Keramidas‘ wrote a rather insightful comment:

My personal opinion is that Monty is fear mongering, not because he truly believes that he is saving MySQL but for an own personal agenda.

This gave me a little bit of courage, seeing that there are others who think like me. So I posted a short reply:

It’s actually quite simple. With Sun, a company in a really sad state (financially) Monty could make some money out of MariaDB. With Oracle he just doesn’t any chance.

Besides, claiming that “GPL and dual licensing were good when I was making shitloads of money but now that someone else does it’s suddenly bad” is hypocritical, to say the least”

The follow up by Dimitris kicked off with a rather surprising comment:
There may be some truth to the above statement (actually, it’s obviously true) [editor’s note: he was referring to the “could make some money” paragraph]
Afterwards Dimitris tried to make a case that in spite of Monty’s personal agenda signing the petition could make for a better future of MySQL:
Things aren’t black and white and this fight is not just for the code but for MySQL as a project (code, community, trademark, servers, foo). There are some examples of projects that were successfully forked with the right leadership but there are many more that remained stale.
There is some merit to the above statement. Yet, I still don’t think that signing the MySQL petition will help at all. As any other FOSS project MySQL can and will thrive if either (or both) of the following conditions stand true:
  1. It gets the backing of a large company, like Oracle
  2. It successfully forms a large community

Signing the Help MySQL petition certainly doesn’t help towards the first direction and is irrelevant to the second (there are countless of successful FOSS projects with either a GPL or a BSD-style license). It only helps:

Now, if anyone is really interested in helping the above interests, feel free to sign the petition. If you ask me, you won’t be cutting MySQL any favors.

P.S. Dimitris and George, I liberally translated your e-mails. If you feel that a translation is off, feel free to let me know and I will correct it promptly.

[1]  http://helpmysql.org/el/

[2] Disclaimer: other than being a fan of numerous technologies they’ve brought us during the last 25 years, I have no affiliation with Sun Microsystems


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3 Responses to “On monty’s petition to save Mysql”

  1. adamo Says:

    Really people! We have the successful example of OpenSSH over the http://www.ssh.fi version. We even have the resurrection of Postgres in 1995 after being officially ended in 1993 and having SQL instead of QUEL.

    The code is there and people can (and will) use it.

  2. Eleftherios Kosmas Says:

    I believe that the MySQL project is safe. When Oracle is waiting for months for a merger aprouval just for this technology losing millions of dollars in the process it means that it’s actually interest about MySQL S.A. as a company asset. Personaly i believe that the users of any project under the GPL licence are safe as long as the technology is relevant.

    On the other hand, comparing the two database systems OracleDB and MySQL is like comparing a Mazeratti to my Suzuki Swift, yeah they are both cars but seriously people are going to the super market with the Mazeratti? They are to very different products that are designed to serve different markets or at least different needs of the market.

    Excuse me for my awful english but I am not a native speaker.

  3. mperedim Says:

    Excuse me for my awful english but I am not a native speaker.

    Awful? Dude, your English is fine, don’t worry about it 🙂

    Disclaimer: I am not a native speaker either. So I may be wrong here (but if I am it probably means my English are awful as well ;))

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