Farewell old friend

James Gosling piece touched a sensitive chord; finding out that sun.com is no more touched another.

While my first contact with Unix was also through a VT220 terminal connected to a SunOS server it was not love at first sight. Even when I ended up loving a distant descedant of Unix I recall myself poking our Solaris admin at what used to be dayjob 6 years ago over the inefficiency of the Solaris userland.

It was not till 2005 that I started dealing more frequently with Solaris, version 8 back at the time [1]. And then Solaris 10 came around. x86 became a first class citizen, allowing for a huge performance boost in afforable hardware. With it slowly came Zones (a superior virtualization technology reminiscent of FreeBSD jails), DTrace, Grub (allowing peaceful co-existence with other O/S), ZFS (literally the last word in filesystems, at least in the English alphabet ;)) and more. All of these coupled with typically superior documentation and always sticking to the POLA for long-time users. And the same way I ended up hating Windows and loving Linux, in spite of starting my systems administrator carreer in a Windows environment, I ended up loving Solaris. Not that I hate Linux nowadays [*], I’ve just grown too old to accept things breaking or changing for little reason every now and then.

In every end lies a new beginning they say. Let’s hope that Elisson manages to monetize the numerous cool technologies that have been coming out of Santa Clara but at the same time the spirit of quality, technical and design excellence, the well-thought out customer support and the ever-present drive to push our overall computing experience to new frontiers that “Sun” represented will stay with us.

[1] Solaris 9 is like the new Star Wars trilogy; passionate Solaris users -such as the author- vehemently deny it ever existed.

[*] OK, that’s not entirely true; I do hate one particular “flavor” of it.

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