Opennebula, ZFS and Xen – Part 3 (Oracle VM server)

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Oracle VM server is Oracle’s virtualization platform. As with most Oracle Linux offerings it’s essentially a Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which however bundles a more recent version of Xen.

# more /etc/enterprise-release
Oracle VM server release 2.2.1
# /usr/sbin/xm info | egrep 'major|minor|extra'
xen_major              : 3
xen_minor              : 4
xen_extra              : .0


Installing the Oracle VM server is pretty straightforward. Download Oracle VM server, burn the ISO image to a CD/DVD and boot the hypervisor host from it. The setup is pretty straightforward if you’ve installed RHEL or CentOS before, the only catch being that you don’t really get to select any packages to install.

Integrating with Opennebula

Integrating Oracle VM server with our Opennebula setup is similarly simple.

  • Add Oracle’s public repo to YUM
  • Use yum to install ruby
  • Remove requiretty from the sudo configuration
  • Add an entry for the Shared FS to /etc/fstab
  • # grep cloud /etc/fstab
    storage-server:/export/home/cloud /srv/cloud       nfs4    auto          0 0
  • Tweak rcpidmapd.conf so that it matches the NFSv4 domain of the storage server
  • Create the oneadmin user and cloud group

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3 Responses to “Opennebula, ZFS and Xen – Part 3 (Oracle VM server)”

  1. darkfader Says:

    thanks, that just saved me an hour 🙂

  2. darkfader Says:


    I have come to one question. In case you read these comments it’d be nice if you could post a 4th entry some time showing the OracleVM hosts in Nebula.

    Right now I’m wondering whether a oneb-host rpm is needed or not…


    • mperedim Says:

      I am currently serving my conscription duty so this may take some time. I’ll try to take care of this sometime during December, just make sure to monitor this post.

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