Oracle VM server and RHEL-6 paravirtualized domU

This cost me something like 10′ of google search and 15′ troubleshooting. Writing it down so that it can cost the next person just 2′ of google search 🙂

Setting RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (hereby RHEL6) as a paravirtualized guest is well documented. However the virt-install command generates a 404 error when run on an Oracle VM server. I used tcpdump(8) to promptly discover that virt-install attempts to retrieve /images/xen/vmlinuz instead of the proper /isolinux/vmlinuz. Clickety-click:

# pwd

# diff
                 kernel = grabber.urlopen("%s/images/xen/vmlinuz"
                 initrd = grabber.urlopen("%s/images/xen/initrd.img"
<                 kernel = open("%s/isolinux/vmlinuz" %(nfsmntdir,), "r")
                 kernel = open("%s/images/xen/vmlinuz" %(nfsmntdir,), "r")
>                 initrd = open("%s/images/xen/initrd.img" %(nfsmntdir,), "r")

Then firing up virt-install again did the trick (remember to choose a suitable mirror):

# virt-install -n centos6 -r 2048 -f /OVS/publish_pool/centos6.disk.0 \
  --os-type=linux --vnc -p -l \ -b br0 -d

Extra notes: [1] [2]. I only used ext2 for the /boot filesystem but YMMV.


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