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Opennebula: dhcpd contextualization magic

February 17, 2011

One of the most frequent questions on the Opennebula lists relates to network contextualization of Virtual Machines (VMs). Specifically, contrary to Eucalyptus or Nimbus, Opennebula does not directly manage a DHCP server. Instead Opennebula:

  • suggests using a simple rule for extracting the IPv4 address from the MAC address within the VM
  • manages just MAC addresses

This moves the burden of IPv4 configuration to the VM operating system, which has to dynamically calculate the IPv4 address details based on each interface MAC address. While Opennebula provides a relevant sample VM template and script to do this, it comes up a little bit short. Specifically, the script is linux specific, it will probably not work with other Unix O/S like Solaris or FreeBSD, let alone Windows. In addition, extra work is required in order to configure additional but required network parameters, like a default router or a DNS server.