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Crippled by design

November 6, 2009

At times I can’t help feeling that Windows are crippled by design. This is what happened to me yesterday when I needed to install a new copy of Outlook on my netbook:

  1. Download a fresh copy Office 2007 from the Internet (thank you MSDNAA) in my media PC; total time required 15 minutes or so
  2. Put in a 8GB USB stick to copy the ISO to; got an out of disk space (total time 1 minute)
  3. Verify that the drive indeed had (mysteriously) just 200+ MB free space out of total 1GB.
  4. Fire up Computer Management; find out that I had indeed created just a 1GB partition
  5. Try to create a 2nd partition in the 7GB available free space; find out that the relevant option is not available

WTF? In a moment of haste instead of “turning it off and on again” I first opted to search through Google and stumbled upon a number of references describing the following problem:

By default, a USB flash drive is detected by Windows XP/Vista as removable media and thus will not display more than one partition. In addition, Windows will not allow you to multi-partition removable media.

I ended up transferring the ISO through my wireless (my media PC is divorced from any wiring). Probably took the same time that it took to download it from the Internet.